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LoginX Short Messaging System - SMS for your School, College & University

SMS Interface is a broadcasting tool to provide institution-related information to the students, parents, visitors, and staff on their mobile for circulars, attendance, and fee payment notification, fee due notification, defaulters, etc.

Institution uses both SMS gateways for promotion and transactional.

SMS Template Example

Dear Parent, Your ward's, Rohit attendance for the month of Oct-2021 is 20/31, Institution Name.

Benefits of SMS integration module in a School ERP Software?

The SMS interface in a LoginX ERP Software is an effective communication tool that plays an important role in building a strong relationship between parents and teachers.

It provides many benefits to not only the institutions but also to the staff, parents, and the students’ by ensuring that communication is faster, easier and seamless.

SMS can be used in the following:

Registraion / Admission Process

The SMS interface by the LoginX School, College, and University ERP Software is an excellent means for the institutions to inform and update parents by sending them SMS regarding Registration / Admission Confirmation, Registration / Admission Fee Alerts, Registration / Admission Selection confirmation messages, and many more.

Student Installment Fee Alerts

Very often, parents may miss important deadlines related to the payments of fees. An SMS module allows institutions to schedule automatic reminders to parents about the various fees-related issues like Pending fees, payment reminders, defaulters, confirmation of fee payment, etc.

Event Reminder

LoginX ERP Software provides a mechanism to the teachers to send automatic reminders to parents at a single click of a button – thus saving the class teachers precious time and effort.

Emergency Holiday Announcement

Often during the academic year, there are several incidents where emergency holidays are declared by the government for several reasons ranging from weather to unlisted conditions. With the help of LoginX ERP Software, Institutions can easily send urgent messages to all the parents about the emergency holiday update.

Transport Related SMS

  • Pick-up and Drop timing of Stop
  • Change of Bus Route
  • Emergency Situation Alert

Result Announcement

  • Exam Date Information
  • Summarized Result

Library SMS

  • Books Due / Overdue Information (for Students / Staff)
  • New arrivals Information
  • Advanced Booking
  • Issue / Return (for Student / Staff)

General SMS

  • General Message
  • Custom Message
  • Special Announcements
  • News / Events
  • Holidays information
  • Urgent alerts to Parents / Students

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