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LoginX GPS Tracking Interface for your School, College & University

GPS Integration with LoginX offers a location view of the entire fleet management system, also lets parents & staff members track the school buses in real-time. It ensures the safety and security of students while traveling.

Key Features

  • School Bus Tracking.
  • Driver Authentication.
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring.
  • Immobilizer.
  • Fuel Monitoring.
  • Fleet Management Sensor.
  • Integration Over LoginX Portal & App.

GPS Tracker Benefits for the Institution:

Real-Time Tracking

Track the location of your vehicles online in real-time. Choose from the following maps: Google, Satellite, OSM etc. View additional information about the tracking objects, including its speed, exact address, petrol consumption, travel history, etc.


Get instant alerts about your tracking vehicles. Know when the object enters or exits a geo-zone, if it is speeding, and its stopovers. Get SOS alarms if it has been stolen, and easily turn the engine on or off. Get notifications to your iPhone, Android or Windows devices, via e-mail, mobile app or SMS.

History and Reports

Download and review reports in different formats: XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT. Reports include various information by date and the GPS tracker name, including driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, fuel consumption and much more. Detailed and group reports are also available.

Fuel Savings

Easily check the tank's fuel level and fuel consumption along the route in real time. Check for aggressive driving, rapid acceleration, speeding and braking-that can directly influence fuel consumption. It is a fact that improving driving behavior can cut your fuel costs significantly (by 5% to 15%).


The Geofence feature allows you to set up geographic boundaries around areas that have specific interest for you. Receive automated alerts when the vehicles enters or leaves marked boundaries.

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